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Kara and Joy understand the unique challenges independent artists face in building a brand and project from the ground up because they’ve navigated it themselves.


With an ever-changing industry, artists are now expected to wear the business hat, act as their own label, and implement their own artistic development, creating a buzz and fan base before the higher ups jump in and take a risk. From art designing photoshoots and music videos for one another, late nights strategizing, writing each other’s bios and press releases, and securing prestigious press, the two realized that they could help other artists achieve their goals by approaching branding, story, and marketing with authenticity and heart. This personalized approach led to both of their indie projects individually getting recognized by the legendary Recording Academy itself and honorably included on the 2018 and 2019 first-round GRAMMY Awards® ballots.


Kara and Joy would love to be a dedicated part of your team throughout this new and exciting process. We can’t wait to meet you!


As a three-time founder, Jack understands what it means to take a dream through inception to execution and into reality.

Having started off in feature film sound mixing, he shifted to digital product design, where he's thrived; launching over 30+ apps and even being asked to demo product designs at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino and lead product development for multiple software companies. But his passion for storytelling has never left, and he's now using his world class product leadership skills to empower artists and new companies. 

From lyric videos that have been featured on top tier publications to producing music videos that have been nominated for industry leading awards, Jack brings a sense of discipline and leadership to creative teams to ensure visions become real.

From eye-catching single covers to artist websites and video, Jack would love to elevate your brand to the level of excellence it deserves.

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